Reopening of Educational Institutes: Right or Wrong? Here’s what you need to know.

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As per media reports, the government is planning for the resumption of the schools and educational institutions across the country, between September and November 14. This plan is under the final phase of unlock lockdown. 

We truly understand the importance of quality education but before that health is most important. This pandemic caused big losses for many businesses, small colleges will go bankrupt and above all people are still learning to deal with the current crisis and corona. 

At the same time, the government is actively considering the objection of parents to reopen educational institutes. However, parents’ associations have expressed the inability to send children to school even if the institutions reopened.

To this fact needs to be considered as well, many education experts said that rich and well-prepared students will do fine with online classes, but students from weaker segments of society, as well as those with poorer academic preparation and less experience with technology, are certain to suffer if on-campus instruction does not consider seriously.

Is it safe to send kids back to school?

It’s very important that schools plan in advance and look at what additional measures they can put in place to help ensure students, teachers, and other school staff are safe when they come back and communities are confident in sending their students back to school.

Things wouldn’t be the same again in school as many security measures need to be implemented and the application of these measures needs serious protocols. 

It’s possible that schools may reopen for a period of time and then a decision may be made to close them again temporarily, depending on the local context. Due to evolving situations, authorities will need to be flexible and willing to adapt to help keep every kid safe. 

But even after the application of security protocols it does not assure the kids will stay safe. 

Safety precautions should be taken by schools to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading

School reopenings should be consistent with each country’s overall COVID-19 health response to help protect students, staff, teachers, and their families. Some of the practical measures that schools can take include:

  • Staggering the opening and closing of the school day
  • Staggering the meal timings 
  • Swaying classroom to open spaces
  • Retaining school in shifts, to decrease the class size

Last Words

More than completing the syllabus on time, school authorities realize that kids need to be with their classmates. Therefore, if schools are considering to reopen, they should take parents into confidence the decision should be mutual. Schools should not run behind the studies only rather another practical and feasible approach needs to be followed for their holistic development. 

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